Remember: Staying calm is vital for getting help faster

Flat tire?
In case of flat tire, follow the bellow steps:

Step 1) In the trunk, under the floor (the place of spare wheel), you will find a small air pump.
Step 2) Start the car.
Step 3) Connect the air pump plug at the lighter.
Step 4) Connect the pump at the tire valve.
Step 5) Pump air to the tire till the gauge needle reach 30 psi.
Step 6) Call us at +30 6978488361 (24/7)


Car don’t start?
In case that car don’t start, follow the bellow steps:

Step 1) Turn the key and see if the lights on the dashboard are on. If yes, go to step number two (2).
If no, then the battery is empty. You have to call the number at the end of the page.
Step 2) Try to turn on the engine. Is the engine trying to start? If yes, then be more persistent and push a bit the throttle.
If no, then go to step number three (3).
Step 3) At some cars, in order the engine to start, you have to press firmly the clutch.


Car scratches?
Before enter your car, please as you check your car for minor damages (ex. scratches) and call us at +30 6978488361 (24/7).


Car crash?
In case of a car crash, please follow the bellow steps:

Step 1) Stay calm. Check yourself and rest of the passengers for any injuries.
Step 2) If someone is injured, stay calm, don’t move the person and call First Aid Center (166)
Step 3) Call us at us at +30 6978488361 (24/7) and give us your name, plate No, your approx. location and tell us if you called the First Aid Center. A member of our staff will be there shortly.


General Advice:

– Always inspect the car before you get inside (tires, body damages).

– Do not drive under the influence of alcohol (no insurance will cover you in case of accident and you may get arrested in any inspection by the police).

– Do not eat while you drive (it distract you and it may cause an accident).

– Do not talk to your cellphone while you drive (it distract you and it may cause an accident).

– Roads of Zakynthos are paved with tarmac, but you have to be aware of bumps, slippery corners, holes, corners without visibility.

In any case of emergency please call us at +30 6978488361 (24/7)

Useful Phone Numbers

Tourist Police  +30 26950 27367
Police Department  100
Traffic Police Department  +30 26950 24491
First Aid Center (EKAB)  166
Fire Brigade  199
Zakynthos General Prefecture Hospital  +30 26950 49111, 49112
Express Service (Roadside Assistance)  +30 26950 26064, 26340
Airport  +30 26950 28322

Zakynthos Port Authority  +30 26950 28117, 28118
Kyllini Port Authority  +30 623 92211
Public Bus Service (KTEL)  +30 26950 42656
Taxi Stands  +30 26950 22280, 28104, 23788, 28261
Post Office (EL.TA)  +30 26950 44875
Customs  +30 26950 26119
Greek Tourism Organization (EOT)  +30 26950 25428